Over the past few decades, Mercedes vehicles have gained a well-deserved reputation for leading in power, performance, and smooth driving. This is in part due to the innovative, high-tech AirMatic suspension system.

The AirMatic suspension system, while it makes for what is arguably the smoothest ride possible, is not infallible. These systems fail like those of any other car and will need to be repaired promptly before this failure damages other parts of your Mercedes.

In this article, you’ll find warning signs of failure, reasons behind this failure, and where you can get the highest quality auto repair service in the Marietta, GA area.

AirMatic Suspension System: How it Works

Traditional suspension systems rely on steel springs and shock absorbers to lessen the impact caused by rough terrain, potholes, etc. while you drive. While these parts work well enough, they hardly compare to the experience that the AirMatic system provides.

This system uses pressurized air to provide the right amount of shock absorption for the terrain, minimizing any impact that you may feel in the cab of your car. It uses an Adaptive Damping System (ADS) to adjust the amount of air in the springs when they detect vertical movement.

Issues with AirMatic System and Symptoms of Failure

The AirMatic suspension system is complex, made up of several small parts that must work together perfectly to provide the smooth ride that you may be used to. When even one part malfunctions, the entire system can fail.

One common cause of malfunction is a damaged relay circuit. The circuit acts as a switch that controls how much air the compressor puts into the springs. The compressor, without the switch, can get stuck in the on or off position, providing either too much or too little air. When this happens, you will feel the impact of bumps or otherwise rough terrain more severely.

A failing compressor will prevent the air in the suspension system from pressurizing, causing the suspension to sag. This can happen on one or both sides of your Mercedes. If you feel that your car is leaning to one side, it may be that your AirMatic system is failing due to a faulty compressor.

As a result of a sagging suspension, you will begin to hear a grinding and squeaking noise when you drive. The suspension shocks are failing and grinding against other parts of your system. This wear will cause a very uncomfortable ride. You may feel jolted at the slightest impact.

Your suspension system can fail for several reasons, including:

  • regular wear and tear
  • damage due to car accident or hard impact
  • damage to compressor or relay circuit
  • poor past repair jobs
  • manufacturer error

No matter the reason, it is essential to have the system repaired promptly before it causes further damage.

Importance of AirMatic Suspension Repair

Many drivers neglect small repairs on their vehicles because they lead busy lives or want to avoid the long and boring wait that often comes with these repairs. However, a failing suspension system is nothing to ignore. Driving with a faulty system is dangerous. You’ll have less control over your car, as it can list to one side, slowing your reaction time during emergencies on the road.

Prioritize your car and your safety. Get repairs as soon as you notice the red flags of suspension failure.

Mercedes Suspension Inspection

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