The gear selector is an important part of your Land Rover. It is part of the transmission, so any issues with the gear selector can be concerning, inconvenient, and potentially expensive. Land Rover owners need to know when the gear selector is going bad and how to get these fixed quickly by a certified mechanic.

Warning Signs the Gear Selector is Going Bad

Gear selectors are hard to fix because many of their symptoms will mimic the symptoms found in other problems. This is why a mechanic will likely need to do a differential diagnosis to make sure the performance issues are not caused by something else.

Gear selector failure can produce some of the same issues that other transmission and engine failure can. Some of the most common signs of problems in the gear selector include:

  • trouble moving from the drive position into the reverse position
  • rough gear shifting
  • clicking noises
  • a grinding noise when you shift the gears

When you notice any of these symptoms, it is time to take your Land Rover into a certified mechanic. They can check out the gear selector and other parts of the vehicle to see what needs to be fixed. If there is something that needs fixed with the gear selector, a licensed mechanic will properly repair it.

What causes the gear selector to fail?

There are several reasons why the gear selector may fail in your Land Rover. It often causes issues in how well the gears will shift when you drive. Some of the reasons for gear selector failure include the following.

Valve Body Fails

In your Land Rover, the valve body is supposed to control how the hydraulic transmission fluid flows, ensuring that this fluid makes it to the right parts at the right time. This makes it easier to shift the gears when you want. When this valve encounters issues or wears out, the car owner may notice that it is harder to shift any gears. If this causes the gear selector issue, then you need to replace the valve body too.

Manufacturing Deficits

The Land Rover is manufactured to be durable and last a long time. Even the best cars can have some manufacturing deficits. During the design process, it is possible that the gear selector may be faulty off the production line. This can eventually lead to problems with the transmission later on. Having a mechanic check out the gear selector and check on this for you is the best option.

Normal Wear and Tear

Even if everything else is designed and installed properly on your Land Rover, there is the potential it will simply wear out naturally. The more you drive around and the longer you have your car, the more likely it is that something will degrade and need replacement. None of the components of your Land Rover are designed to work forever. Your gear selector may fail because it and other parts connected to it can wear out.

It is important to take the time to do regular maintenance of your car. This will make sure that you are able to keep each of the parts of the system working well. This maintenance is one of the best ways to make sure that everything is working well. When a component starts to wear out, your trusted mechanic can repair the part and prevent a lot of other issues along the way.

Land Rover Gear Selector Issue Check

H&A Service and Sales will Fix Your Gear Selector

When your gear selector stops working, it is time to visit our trusted shop so one of our professionals can inspect your transmission and the engine to determine the cause of your problem. If the gear selector is the main issue, we will fix or replace that part and get your Land Rover working again as designed.

At H&A Service and Sales, we are here to help you with Land Rover gear selector issues and all your maintenance and service needs. Our team is proud to serve the residents of Cobb County, Kennesaw, Woodstock, and Marietta, GA. Contact us today to set up your convenient appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon and earning your patronage.

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