Car troubles can be terrifying, especially when you have a high-end vehicle like a Land Rover. They can be confusing and often quite expensive. We all have an experience of suddenly being hit by an unexpected bill that we didn’t anticipate. Usually, there are signs that hint towards those issues, but we miss them.

Sometimes it’s a noise or something small you suspect in your vehicle. Your intuition tells your there’s a minor change in how it drives, but you chalk it up to your imagination. It’s easy to push the thought aside, believing cars are resilient. They’re built to be tough but they are machines, and all machines need maintenance.

Land Rover transmission issues can be dismissed in the early stages and can lead to a potentially-larger problem. Transmissions are costly fixes, with estimates hovering around $2000 when the full transmission has to be replaced. It’s a hefty bill, but fortunately, it can be avoided altogether if one can pick up on the early indicators.

Keep an eye out for these four warning signs of transmission failure in order to lower those large bills and keep your Land Rover on the road for a long time.

Grinding Noises

As the car shifts through gears, there may be a grinding noise. It’s another common sign of transmission issues and also a good indicator of requiring maintenance. It would also be useful to make a note of other unusual noises of your Land Rover. Picking up on unusual sounds early can help save some big bucks down the road before something gets even more severe.

Lack of Power and Hesitation

Transmission issues can be mainly identified by how the vehicle feels to you while driving. You’re used to how it handles and behaves, so this should start to be noticeable quickly. Because the transmission is directly related to acceleration and torque, these issues below may be the most noticeable of transmission problems.

A significant sign is how your Land Rover handles acceleration. If your engine is feeling sluggish and slow to accelerate when merging onto the freeway, it may be a sign that transmission may need maintenance.

There may also be issues with how your Land Rover shifts through the gears. It can also be noticed when gears are changed into reverse, as the car will not move in the direction of the selected gear.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

A car can suddenly spring a leak. The fluid’s color will be what tells you the source. Transmission fluid tends to be orange but it can be black, which would indicate that the issue is more extensive than just a leak.

Always make sure to keep an eye on the ground of your regular parking spot, as it’s something that can be missed easily. If you notice any fluid leaking from your vehicle, you should make plans to get your car serviced as soon as possible.

A Sweet Smell

Transmission fluid itself is noted to have a sweet scent to it. This make is easily identifiable. You should also always be on the lookout for a burning odor when driving, as this may be an indicator of an even larger issue that requires immediate attention.

We’ve found this to be one of the most noticeable signs of a transmission fluid leak. It’s off-putting to be driving and suddenly be struck with an oddly-sweet scent.

Land Rover Transmission Inspection

Avoiding Major Bills with Maintenance at H&A Service and Sales

Ultimately, the best way to avoid significant spending is to maintain the upkeep on your Land Rover. One of the best ways to do so is to develop a relationship with an expert service center like H&A Service and Sales.

Make sure you bring your Land Rover in for oil changes and concerns when something seems off about your vehicle. Catching the problem early with a simple inspection is the best way to avoid my costly repairs later.

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